We can learn our way—together—to a new paradigm of education that fulfills the potential of our students, our teachers and ourselves as leaders for education equity.

Children in disadvantaged communities around the world face a multitude of extra challenges—from lack of adequate nutrition and healthcare to the stresses of poverty to discrimination and racism—and then attend schools that were never designed to provide extra support to meet their needs. 

At best, these education systems have been built for a different time and context, and for different children.  At worst, these education systems are perpetuating divisions of privilege and opportunity among different groups of people.  

Perfecting existing systems will not, however, attain the outcomes and opportunity we need for children in underserved communities if we are to address the global problems of tomorrow. 

We need a fundamentally different paradigm of education, one that pursues transformational learning and leadership, putting children on enduring paths to locally contextualized and globally informed opportunity and leadership in their own lives and communities.  

The Teach For All network of programs and classrooms is an unprecedented opportunity for learning in pursuit of that paradigm.  From our strongest classrooms, we can learn about what differentiates the aspirations, outcomes, actions, orientations, and growth of teachers and students in these classrooms.  From each others’ innovations, we can learn about how to embed contextualized vision, measure progress, train and support great teachers, and grow our own and each other’s leadership.

By studying this networks most successful students, teachers, and classrooms, the Learning Lab @ Teach For All will facilitate, harvest, and spread emerging insights that accelerate our progress toward ensuring one day all children have the opportunity to attain and excellent education.