The Learning Lab will bring together innovative practitioners and organizations from across and beyond the Teach For All network to investigate and share insights into transformational learning and leadership.

To address those four problems, the Transformational Learning & Leadership Lab aspires to accelerate progress across and beyond the Teach For All network in four important ways:

(1) We will discover, make actionable, and spread new insights into what transformational education requires, including

  • Innovations in authentic engagements with students, families, and communities for the purpose of shaping a contextualized vision of student success (to which all other judgments and actions should align)

  • Definitions of broader student outcomes that flow from that vision of student success and new ways to measure and track those outcomes

  • Frameworks of teacher actions and mindsets that most effectively enable those student outcomes

(2) We will discover, make actionable, and spread new insights into how we best grow transformational teachers, including

  • What experiences and interventions are most responsible for the growth of strong teachers

  • How teacher development initiatives can make more intentional and effective “learning bets” (assumptions) in the ways they grow teachers

(3) We will translate those emerging insights from classrooms into implications for system redesign, recognizing that the path to an excellent education for all children demands systemic change.

(4) We will create, model, and spread innovations for learning to help address the poor record of cross-silo collaboration and learning in education. Those innovations include expert roundtables, two-direction online learning experiences, fellowships, cross-sector advisory councils, etc.