Sam Freedman

Sam Freedman

Executive Director of Participant Impact and Delivery, Teach First

Sam Freedman is the Executive Director of Participant Impact and Delivery at Teach First, and is responsible for leading the analysis, design, and development of Teach First's programs. He joined Teach First in 2013 as Director of Research, Evaluation, and Impact.

Previously, Mr. Freedman was the Senior Policy Adviser to the Secretary of State at the Department of Education, having previously been Head of Education at Policy Exchange. Mr. Freedman is a trustee of the Teacher Development Trust. He is a Director of Floreat Education, which runs five primary schools in London, and is a Governor of Woodside High School in Tottenham.

Mr. Freedman earned a Bachelor’s degree in History at the University of Oxford, a Master's degree in International History from the University of Oxford, and a Research Master's degree in Public Policy from Birkbeck, University of London.  

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