Nusrat Faizullah

Nusrat Faizullah

Education Consultant; Trustee, Maslaha

Nusrat Faizullah is an independent education consultant in the United Kingdom and a trustee for Maslaha, a nonprofit that creates new ways of tackling long-standing issues affecting Muslim communities. Ms. Faizullah is interested in the achievement gap between rich and poor communities in the United Kingdom.

Her background includes teaching science in East London as a part of the inaugural year of Teach First in 2003.  She has also worked at the Young Foundation on a number of education and social innovation projects. For four years, she developed the Studio Schools model at the Young Foundation and then Studio Schools Trust. Ms. Faizullah also served as the CEO of the British Council of School Environments.

Ms. Faizullah earned a Bachelor’s degree in Natural Sciences at Cambridge University and a Master's degree in Management from the Imperial College of London.

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