The Learning Lab will use a variety of new initiatives to build an “engine of learning” that catalyzes, distills, and shares actionable insights into some of our most fundamental questions.

The Learning Lab is built around four mechanisms of learning and share: (a) a central “engine of learning” built on new strategies of action-oriented learning, (b) studies and “learning loops” with and by Teach For All’s partner organizations, (c) collaborative workshops among teachers and staff across the network; and (d) “post-MOOC” strategies for multimedia, two-directional sharing and learning. 

That central “engine of learning” is built around several new initiatives, including:  

Fellowship Program: Each year, we will select a cohort of 4-6 of the most innovative programmatic leaders from across the Teach For All network and build an intentional culture of collaboration, problem solving, and leadership development among them as they work together for two years to address key transformational learning and leadership questions and problems facing their organizations and our overall network. Each Fellow will focus their work around a self-determined, concrete, and actionable resource that is both a critical need for their organization and shareable within and beyond the Teach For All network. In our pilot work with this fellowship, we are seeing great progress on projects like an open-source teacher training platform aligned to our learning, a dramatic redesign of teacher development strategies, longitudinal measures of student growth, etc.

Expert/Practitioner Roundtables: We will facilitate 1-2 Roundtables per year that bring together leading experts and education entrepreneurs from within and beyond the Teach For All network to identify key challenges and questions around what transformational learning and leadership looks like and to challenge each other and themselves to develop innovative, effective methodologies and practices around teacher development. For an illustration of the kind of insights and influence these roundtables can have.

Advisory Council: We are recruiting a small group of world-renowned thought leaders, researchers, and educators to serve as a circle of critical friends. The Advisory Council will come together on a biannual basis to review and challenge our progress and ensure that Teach For All is continually accessing the best thinking and resources from around the world to advance the Learning Lab’s impact.

Other Key Learning Experiences: Using experiences tested in roundtables, we are developing action-oriented experiences that provoke participants to discover their own answers to these fundamental questions, informed by the insights we are gaining. The “provocation papers” are opportunities to test and share experiences that will become open-access, self-directed, online learning experiences that amplify the impact of our learning.