Artur Taevere

Artur Taevere

Co-Founder and CEO, Creative Generation

Artur Taevere is the Co-Founder and CEO of Creative Generation, which offers practical, relevant, and affordable professional development programs for teachers in primary schools that address the questions: How to teach critical thinking through reading and writing? How to teach problem solving through mathematics? Previously, Mr. Taevere was the Vice President of Synergies at Teach For All, where he and his team supported the professional development of teachers and school leaders in 25+ countries around the world. He has visited approximately 100 schools in Europe, North America, South America, Asia, and Australia.

Mr. Taevere was also the Managing Director and Co-Founder of Good Deed Foundation (GDF), a launchpad for innovative social enterprises and nonprofits in Estonia. As head of GDF, he was one of the initiators of Noored Kooli, the Estonian partner organization in Teach For All.

He serves as a governor of schools in England and his home country, Estonia. He has been advising the government of Estonia in creating the 2014-2020 education strategy. In the past 12 years, he has been co-founder and board member of four charities and social enterprises. Mr. Taevere graduated from the University of Oxford with a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics.

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